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Global Soft Power Summit 2023

Join us at Brand Finance's Global Soft Power Summit 2023 to officially inaugurate the next iteration of the Global Soft Power Index, and to explore and debate the role of soft power in international politics and business.

Global Soft Power Index 2023

Global Soft Power Index 2023

Every year, Brand Finance values 5,000 of the world’s biggest corporate brands. For nearly 20 years, Brand Finance has also monitored the strength and value of nation brands, and since 2020 publishes the world’s most comprehensive research study on perceptions of nation brands – the Global Soft Power Index.

Understanding those perceptions is key for national, regional, city, and corporate brands to achieve success internationally, allowing to identify strengths and weaknesses and to improve growth strategies going forward. The stronger the nation’s soft power, the greater its ability to attract investment and market its products and services.

Following the successful publication of three iterations of the Index, Brand Finance has now completed the fourth year of research, based on a global sample of over 100,000 respondents. The new report, ranking 121 nation brands from around the world, is due to be published on 2nd March 2023 at the Global Soft Power Summit.

The previous Global Soft Power Index reports, and the findings of the previous years' studies are free to access online here: Our interactive dashboard allows you to explore the results from the survey in maps and charts, rank nations by metrics and statements, and choose data sets to create your own graphs. 

To request a preview of your nation's Global Soft Power Index 2023 results or to enquire about using the data for academic research, please email